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Dakota Ranch | Top 10 Tips for Surviving Finals


You’re almost to the Finish line!

Dreading Finals? Don’t worry we gathered the top 10 tips to get you to SUMMER!



Tip 1: Make a schedule of every test – Make sure all your bases are covered by listing all your finals. Studying can be overwhelming and time consuming. You don’t want to accidentally miss 1 because of too much focus on another!

Tip 2: Attend your review sessions – Although most aren’t mandatory, it never hurts to attend a review session!

Tip 3: Organize a group study – You’re not alone! Everyone else is stressing about finals too, get together with some classmates and split your knowledge. Your strong point might be someone else’s weakness, and vice versa. Team work makes the dream work!

Tip 4: Study things not on the study guide – You never know what extra credit question will be waiting for you. Study EVERYTHING.

Tip 5: Prioritize Study Time – The sun is shining, and pool season is in full effect BUT make sure study time comes first. Just think… After May 15th YOU’RE FREE!

Tip 6: Notes, Notes & More Notes – Go ahead and write a few more down! You can never be too prepared.

Tip 7: Pace Yourself- It may seem like you have barely any time to cram all this information in before finals. Relax, take it day by day and subject by subject. Googling your local Starbucks hours may be helpful too!

Tips 8: Stay Rested & Take a well-deserved break – Don’t over work yourself! Make sure you’re getting a full 8 hrs., start studying early and you won’t be overwhelmed at the end of the week. Also don’t feel bad taking a weekend break to enjoy something like… Dakota Ranch Fest on May 4th!

Tip 9: Revolve your Focus – Be sure to balance your study focus on all of your subjects not just one!

Tip 10: Quiz Yourself – After your study tip guide you should be fully prepared for finals week! YOU GOT THIS!