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Dakota Ranch | Ready for Roommates

Ready for Roommates


Whether you’re moving in with old friends or new ones!

These roommate tips are some to remember



Agree on some ground rules

Knowing each other’s pet peeves and preferences can help your household run smoothly!


Track your Utilities

Venmo, Cash app & Splitwise can help keep track of your bills and split them easily between your roommates


Get to know each other’s schedules

Knowing each other’s class schedule or work schedules can go a long way!


Snooze Who?

Always make sure your alarms are on the wall farthest from your roommate. Nothing is worse than waking up late. Don’t make others wake up from an annoying alarm, even you don’t want to hear!


Swiper No Swiping!

Be sure to respect your roommate’s belongings and favorite snack they just put in the fridge!


Consider a chore chart

To avoid an argument on who washed dishes last, create a chore chart and split cleaning duties evenly


Don’t forget to hang

Enjoy a good ol’ movie night or adventure on the town. Bonding with your roommate is the key!